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Curtis Debuts State-of-the-Art Production Line to Build the New, Evolutionary GemX™ Coffee Brewer

State-of-the-Art Production Line  to Build the New, Evolutionary GemX

Montebello, CA – Marked by a commemorative all-company ceremony, the Wilbur Curtis Company recently debuted a state-of-the-art production line for their latest advancement in gourmet coffee brewing, the GemX IntelliFresh® Coffee Brewer with FreshTrac®.

Complete with an ultra-modern metal laser fabrication unit, the new million-dollar cell manufacturing system will serve as a powerful engine for putting this cutting-edge brewer in C-stores, hotels, restaurants, roasters and specialty coffee houses. But the GemX is already making a name for itself. Combining “brains” and brilliant design elements to drive superior coffee programs, this innovative machine is turning heads and gaining exciting interest from multiple foodservice channels.

Production innovation: made in Montebello

Like the GemX brewer itself, Curtis’s new Montebello assembly line is a marvel of engineering. It exemplifies the kind of advanced thinking that has made the company a leader in the field of commercial coffee brewing equipment for over 75 years.

A sophisticated metal laser fabrication unit combined with brake and shearing systems provide full automation for production efficiencies; while cell manufacturing techniques enable workers to switch easily between building units with Curtis exclusive Generation 3 (G3) and Generation 4 (G4) technology suites.

Full quality control measures and 100% testing ensure that all GemX brewers ready for shipment will deliver the kind of reliable, long-lasting performance Curtis is famous for.

Assembling Curtis’s greatest asset: its people

Prior to the production line’s debut, all Curtis employees were invited to lunch-and-learn sessions where they were shown the full capabilities of the GemX, the customer segments it is destined to serve, and how this innovative brewer will be presented in the marketplace. The entire Curtis plant also took time to recognize the tremendous efforts of the GemX design team.

Reflecting the Curtis family-first approach to business, when those workers take their places on the new production line they’ll be able to work in enhanced comfort and safety. The system has been ergonomically designed simplify and streamline assembly. What’s more, large fans will be whirring to keep workers cool, while reducing air conditioning energy use and costs at the same time.

“The GemX represents the pinnacle of our coffee brewing expertise,” says third generation CEO and President Kevin Curtis. “This new production line ensures we will continue delivering the premium-quality manufacturing that has been the cornerstone of that innovation since Curtis was founded.”

Photo 1: Cutting the ribbon [L to R]: Joe Laws, COO; Bryan Morford, Senior VP Sales Operations; Kevin Curtis, CEO and President; Mike Curtis, Executive Vice President. Photo 2: GemX Team. Photo credit: Steve Giraud.

Break Down Barriers with the New Corinth™ Under Counter Hot Water Dispenser

Corinth Under Counter Hot Water Dispenser

MONTEBELLO, CA. The popularity of hand-brewed coffees and teas is creating new opportunities for specialty beverage operations that see value in “coffee theater”— dazzling people with the artistry of creating delicious specialty hot drinks before their eyes. A leader in the foodservice industry for over 75 years, Wilbur Curtis is helping them capitalize on that trend with the release of Corinth™, an innovative under-counter hot water dispenser.

Conventional hot water dispensing systems depend on large structures that sit on the service counter, crowding out other pieces of equipment and creating an obstruction between customers and the server. Corinth is different. This next-generation hot water dispenser is designed with a minimal countertop footprint, which leaves plenty of room for kettles, brew rails and other hand-brew components. In this way, Corinth breaks down barriers but also helps build a flock of loyal, high-value customers looking for a great cup of coffee or tea with a dash of entertainment.

Because water temperature is so critical to the quality of many hot beverages, Corinth features an innovative internal pre-heat exchanger coil that ensures water will be at the right heat setting the instant it’s dispensed, with no lag time.

Featuring a unique shape and size, and available in Sky White and Lustrous Black, Corinth stands out with its sleek styling and adds visual interest to any service area. This eloquently designed unit offers a sophisticated three-button G3 Digital Control Module that provides tremendous consistency and accuracy. With just the tap of a finger, staff can draw perfect brew-temperature hot water in any increment from continuous flow to one-touch dispensing up in sizes up to 32 ounces.

The Corinth is just the latest offering from a company which has brought the world some of the most versatile coffee-making equipment, most notably the Seraphim® Under Counter Coffee Brewer, Gemini® IntelliFresh® Brewing Systems, plus the Curtis Gold Cup® Single Cup Coffee Brewer.

Curtis Unveils the New GemX™ IntelliFresh® Coffee Brewing System with FreshTrac®

GemX Intro

Brilliantly engineered and elegantly styled: Curtis Unveils the New GemX™ IntelliFresh® Coffee Brewing System with FreshTrac®

MONTEBELLO, CALIFORNIA -- Serving fresh, great-tasting coffee is less an option for today’s foodservice operations and more an absolute requirement. Consumers are discriminating, have abundant choices, and know where to go to get what they want. The challenge is, amid the bustle of managing dayparts and running a business, serving that perfect cup is far from easy.

That is until now, with the latest advancement from the Wilbur Curtis Company: the GemX™ IntelliFresh® Coffee Brewing System with FreshTrac®

Sitting atop a proud lineage stretching back almost 40 years to the introduction of their famed Gemini® Satellite Brewing System, the GemX brewer represents the new pinnacle of Curtis innovation. It combines “brains” and brilliant design elements to power a superior coffee program, helping C-stores, hotels, restaurants, roasters and specialty coffee houses maximize coffee freshness, reduce labor and deliver a better customer experience.

Brilliant engineering

The GemX comes fully loaded with cutting edge technologies proven to make gourmet coffee brewing easy for all skill levels — with just the push of a button; and it’s encased in a slender, sophisticated form factor that will turn heads and attract sales.

Curtis’s evolutionary FreshTrac™ technology takes the guesswork out of serving fresh coffee while also streamlining labor. It replaces often distracting audible alarms and mechanical timers with a simple, intuitive and customizable system of three LEDs that glow and flash, letting operators track coffee freshness from across the room.

Because over- or underheating can kill coffee flavor, GemX is also engineered with a Curtis’ exclusive IntelliFresh™ technology. A “gentle” heating system that keeps coffee at its ideal temperature regardless of the volume in the satellite. IntelliFresh delivers digitally controlled pulses of heat, and features encapsulated “brains” inside each satellite with four sensor points to monitor brew level and status. What’s more, GemX satellites on remote stands carry the same freshness “intelligence” as when on the brewer.

Operators can choose from two proven Curtis technologies: G3 GemX with its universal control module and easy-to-read, true-green LED display; or G4 GemX with its large 4.3-inch icon-driven interface, onscreen instructions for fast, intuitive training and real-time feedback on the brewing process, and a USB port that lets operators easily transfer recipes from store to store.

Form and function meet fine styling

GemX offers a striking, streamlined form factor with extremely useful design features. Operators and customers alike will take notice of its sweeping radiused corners, elegant sloping chamfered top, and slender side panels, as louvers have been moved to the back. In addition, Curtis has eliminated a common but undesirable element found on many conventional brewers—the sight glass, which can degrade thermal efficiency. Other smart design features found on the GemX add versatility and convenience to any operation: an articulated faucet guard; a sloping design for complete draining of the dispenser to save cleanup time; a locking lid and brew cone to help prevent spills; plus, a faster flowing hot water faucet for a variety of foodservice needs.

Coffee-making perfection—75 years in the brewing

Infused with cutting edge technology, and embodying over 75 years of Curtis expertise and connoisseurship, the GemX IntelliFresh Coffee Brewing System with FreshTrac truly represents the next evolution in its category, producing coffee that meets exacting SCA Golden Cup Standards, and delivering the full, fresh flavor of the artisan roasts discriminating customers crave.

Curtis Makes a World of Difference with Robust, Long-Standing Green Initiatives


MONTEBELLO, CALIFORNIA – Individuals today tend to consider more than the quality of a company’s products and services before deciding to purchase. Rightfully so, they also want to understand how the firm is giving back and helping the environment. In short, they want to know the company’s green factor.

Fortunately, for restaurants, C-stores, high-volume hotels and other foodservice operators, the Wilbur Curtis Company’s green credentials are impeccable, with active, robust initiatives that have been in place across the organization for years.

A fully invested, top-down approach

For decades, Curtis has blended its passion for making great coffee with a devotion to environmental responsibility—in everything from their business operations to manufacturing and warehousing, down to simple, ordinary office procedures.

Of course, smart environmental practices begin with eco-smart personnel—starting right at the top. At Curtis, everyone from executives to shop-level associates live and work according to the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. What’s more, they field a fully-empowered Kaizen Green Team that actively looks for ways to continue reducing the company’s carbon footprint and make operations more efficient overall. Some their major green accomplishments include:

  • Use of reprocessed water reclamation in the production process
  • Widespread use of natural lighting and air conditioning to conserve energy
  • Minimal product packaging made from 100% post-consumer waste
  • The recent installation of 3,400 solar panels to save electricity at their California facility

Impressive outcomes

And these initiatives have achieved some truly amazing results. For example, over the years Curtis’s efforts have pre-empted 3,291,469 pounds of C02 emissions— equivalent to planting 83,164 trees; and they conserve enough energy to power 5,125,194 light bulbs for a day.

Curtis has discovered that what’s good for the environment is also good for business. “We’ve found that doing the right thing also makes us better at what we do,” says Michael Curtis, Executive Vice President. “That’s a big reason why carbon footprint reduction is a major factor in our future-state planning.”

With customers around the world, Curtis takes its role as citizen of the “global village” very seriously, and clearly intends to continue doing so.

Wilbur Curtis Supports UC DAVIS Coffee Center

Wilbur Curtis Supports UC DAVIS Coffee Center

MONTEBELLO, Calif. – Wilbur Curtis Co., an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of coffee and tea brewing equipment, has pledged $250,000 to the University of California, Davis to support the university’s expanding Coffee Center. The donation is the first by Wilbur Curtis to a major academic institution.

The UC Coffee Center will be the first multidisciplinary university research center in the world devoted to post-harvest research of coffee. By applying a rigorous academic framework to research and education in coffee science the center is slated to elevate the entire coffee industry.

“With over 75 years of coffee knowledge under our belts, we know that, with the help of UC Davis, the next 75 years will bring us an enhanced understanding of coffee that will continue to revolutionize the industry and benefit our customers,” said Patrick Curtis, the company’s business development manager. “We are excited to partner with the UC Davis Coffee Center to help advance our knowledge of the most popular beverage on the planet.”

The gift will contribute to the renovation of a 6,000-square-foot building for the new Coffee Center, which will include a pilot roastery, an experimental green bean storage facility, a sensory analysis laboratory, advanced analytical labs, as well as classroom and office space. An outdoor patio event space, intended to host coffee tastings and coffee-industry events, will be named in Curtis’ honor.

A leader in the foodservice industry for over 75 years, the Wilbur Curtis Company is a premier manufacturer of state-of-the-art coffee and tea brewing equipment, including the world-renowned Gemini® and ThermoPro® G4 Brewing Systems, and the Curtis Gold Cup™ single cup coffee brewer.

Photo: Students in UC Davis’ “Design of Coffee” class. The popular class uses coffee roasting and brewing to teach basic principles of chemical engineering. It is part of the recently established UC Davis Coffee Center, which aims to expand research and teaching on post-harvest coffee. Photo credit: Gregory Urquiaga, UC Davis.

Thermal Freshtrac™

Thermal Freshtrac


The key to a well-executed coffee program is serving hot, fresh coffee cup after cup. Monitoring the holding time and amount of coffee in a dispenser is crucial to freshness and quality. To simplify this challenge Curtis is introducing the new Thermal FreshTrac™ System. Activated from the moment coffee is brewed it provides a simple, visual system that communicates time and volume at a glance that’s easy to see, even from across the room.

Curtis’s new Thermal FreshTrac (TFT) is an innovative, simple and highly visual system for restaurants, c-stores and other high-volume foodservice operations that depend on coffee profits and satisfied customers. Designed to fit existing models of Curtis Thermal Servers, the TFT is offered in three sizes - 64 oz, 1 gallon and 1-1/2 gallon - to accommodate even the busiest operations.

Through sensors in the lid, the system is activated and volume measured the moment coffee starts flowing into the dispenser. Liquid level bars eliminate the need to guess the amount of coffee in the dispenser at any time. An LCD timer immediately begins to count UP or DOWN to show operations when it’s time to brew again. Plus, an active LED light display allows servers to track coffee freshness and volume anytime at a glance.

“A great cup of coffee is rightfully a badge of honor and customer magnet for so many operations,” says Kevin Curtis, Curtis EVP. “Our new Thermal FreshTrac system is just the latest in a long line of Curtis innovations, each designed to help deliver the excellent brew everyone wants.”

G4 Gemini with Intellifresh Coffee Brewing System

G4 Gemini with Intellifresh Coffee Brewing System


Give your coffee program a caffeine boost with the innovative Curtis G4 Digital Gemini® Brewing System. The secret to Gemini’s performance is smart IntelliFresh™ (IF) technology. Putting brains behind the brew, the Wilbur Curtis Company developed IF as part of their quest to simplify brewing and serving high volumes of fresh coffee at the perfect temperature.

IntelliFresh maintains coffee’s ideal freshness and temperature throughout the dispensing cycle by enveloping the satellite servers with pulses of gentle heat. These pulses keep the coffee at a consistent temperature while maintaining the chemical structure of the coffee. The result? The coffee taste is not altered and each and every cup is as hot as the one before it. IF technology keeps the coffee at the optimal temperature for the duration of the pre-set serving time ensuring consistent coffee quality. Integrated into the industry-recognized Gemini brewing system, IntelliFresh nearly eliminates the possibility of serving cold or ‘cooked’ coffee ever again.

New G3 5 Gallon Narrow Hot Water Dispenser

New G3 5 Gallon Narrow Hot Water Dispenser


From making tea, soup and freeze-dried foods to cleaning up after a long day serving customers, access to hot water is an essential part of any foodservice operation.
But amid a growing collection of equipment and precious shelf space, the question becomes where to put a dispenser. The Wilbur Curtis Company has a brilliant answer to that question in the form of its latest innovation, the new G3 Five Gallon Narrow Hot Water Dispenser with Aeration.

With its slender base and feature-packed design, this new dispenser can take its rightful place on even the most crowded foodservice counter. Plus, it’s a real workhorse—loaded with features that help restaurants, c-stores and other establishments broaden their menu, serve customers faster, and spend less time cleaning up.

This versatile unit dispenses all the hot water needed thanks to an automatic refill system for hot water on demand — with a programmable temperature range between 140°F to 210°F. It also features an automatic aeration setting to help improve tea extraction and flavor.

The G3 Narrow Hot Water Dispenser couldn’t be easier to use. It includes a large LED display with a water temperature indicator, color-coded buttons and ready lights for all functions. Curtis’ famed G3 Digital Control Module lets staff easily regulate temperature and aeration. Onboard diagnostics continuously sense water level and temperature for simpler operation while common parts and a side-access maintenance door make servicing the unit a snap.

All in all, the Curtis G3 Narrow Hot Water Dispenser makes it easy for today’s space-starved foodservice operators to pour on the convenience.

Curtis Iced Tea Dispensers

Curtis Iced Tea Dispensers


Curtis Iced Tea Dispensers are one of the industry’s most popular tea dispensing systems. Featuring an advanced design and American stainless steel construction, each model is NSF® Certified and constructed to stand up to rigorous foodservice environments.

Available in a wide variety of sizes and models, there’s a Curtis Tea Dispenser to accommodate every need. The TCN Narrow Tea Dispenser offers a sleek, modern design and with custom graphics, it becomes a powerful impulse sales opportunity. Even with its small footprint that’s perfect for operations with limited counter space, it still offers the same volume capacity as other Curtis dispensers.

The TCO Curtis Tea Dispenser is offered in a variety of sizes and its oval design has no sharp edges or corners so they’re ideal for self serve operations. Each dispenser model was designed with the operator in mind. Sloping bottoms allow for effortless dispensing so they’ll empty completely for easy cleaning. Welded-on stainless steel handles and hand grips have no screws or plastic making them easy to move even when completely full. Additionally, on each unit the tall faucet height fits any glass or pitcher for effortless filling and refilling, eliminating the need for spacers.

G4 ThermoPro 1 Gallon Brewing System

G4 ThermoPro 1 Gallon Brewing System


With advanced Generation Four (G4) Technology and state-of-the-art servers, Curtis ThermoPro makes Golden Cup quality, coffee batch brewing instantly easy. This system quickly brews gourmet coffee into 1 gallon high-tech ThermoPro vacuum-insulated, stainless steel servers. Not only does it provide precise control over all critical brewing functions thanks to the G4 digital controls, it keeps coffee quality and flavor consistent and delicious.

The ThermoPro server offers unsurpassed heat retention and keeps coffee fresh and at the perfect serving temperature with no need for additional heat. Because of the size and thermal efficiency of the vacuum servers, this type of system is ideal for restaurants, hotel lobbies, C-Stores, or applications where several different coffee roasts need to be merchandised. Available in single and twin brew head models, the innovative design delivers user-friendly operation and flexibility that everyone appreciates.

Color-coded buttons and an intuitive LCD display with scroll-through programming provide easy-to-use digital control of the ThermoPro system.

Users can choose from pre-programmed recipes for ideal out-of-the-box operation, or fine-tune settings for gourmet options at the touch of a button.

ThermoPro is available only from Wilbur Curtis, a family-owned company with a 75-year heritage of commercial coffee leadership. For more information, please contact the Wilbur Curtis Company, Inc. 6913 Acco Street, Montebello, CA 90640. Toll-free: 800/421-6150. www.wilburcurtis.com.