Optimum Extraction – Ridges in the brew cone hold filter away from the sides and bottom.
Siphon Technology – Allows water to rise to the perfect level without exiting. A pre-infusion in its purest form, this patented feature produces the true profile of the intended roast taste and experience.
Wire Frame – Wire Frame lets brew cone stand securely for easy filling.
Brew Cone


Brewing technology at your fingertips.
G4 Technology
Powerful digital controls and ultimate programming flexibility. Accelerated design and functionality are featured through an intuitive touch screen and icon-driven interface that provides users with training, programming options and seamless operation. Quick navigation to temperature, timers, preinfusion, pulsing and more allow for finely tuned, exacting programing. Built-in self diagnostics provide preventive maintenance reminders to ensure consistent and reliable performance.


Brewing magic, one cup at a time.
• Bars/Cafés • Fine Dining • Hotels • Casual Restaurants • Executive Offices • And more
Use a variety of dispensers: • Curtis FreshTrac® TFT64 • Curtis CLXP64 dispensers • Chemex® • Kalita®
A standard feature, perfect for either pre-heating a cup or drawing hot water for tea
Makes updating firmware, loading and sharing new recipes fast and easy
One of the industry’s most effective mineral tolerant designs • Fast wetting
Non-metallic water level probe • Non-immersed water temperature sensor
Offers programmable time, temperature, volume, pre-infusion and pulse-brewing to meet the SCA Golden Cup standard
Select from 12 oz, 16 oz or 20 oz single cup sizes, or batch brew in larger quantities

CGC Single Cup Brewers

Perfecting the art of brewing


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