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Seeing is Believing

Curtis' Thermal FreshTrac is a simple, visual system that communicates time and volume at a glance that's easy to see, even from across the room. The FreshTrac system is activated from the moment coffee is brewed into the dispenser to keep your coffee program on track.

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How It Works

Thermal FreshTrac coffee dispensers use a lid that has a combination gauge containing three indicators:

  • 1. Liquid Level
  • 2. Coffee Quality Timer
  • 3. Active LED Light Display
The FreshTrac activates as soon as brewed coffee starts flowing into the server. At this time the two indicator lights flash green-red-green and the numeric timer starts counting down. Sensors within the lid measure the coffee as it fills the server. The number of "bars" in the liquid level gauge will increase as the volume increases, reaching a maximum of six.

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Sizes to fit any operation

The Thermal FreshTrac™ Coffee Server comes in three sizes to accommodate even the busiest operation. Brew a little. Or brew a lot. You're always sure to serve the freshest coffee possible.

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Brew-Thru Design

Simplifies use, helps maintain
flavor and temperature

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Features & Benefits

  • Twin LEDs – Enables you to easily check coffee quality – even from across the room.
  • Stand Alone Operation – Curtis TFT requires no connection with the brewing system.
  • Universal Fit – Curtis TFT is designed to fit existing models of Curtis Thermal Servers.
  • Three Models – 1/2 gallon (64 oz), 1 gallon and 1-1/2 gallon.
  • Brew-Through Convenience – Maintains coffee flavor, temperature and quality.
  • Durable – Simplifies cleaning.
  • Long Service Life – Curtis TFT high-tech power module features a one-year performance guarantee.

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Thermal FreshTrac

3 Sizes

Brew-Thru Design

Coffee Level Sensor

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