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With the rising cost of goods, continually mounting labor and waste concerns, and ever-increasing customer expectations it has never been more imperative for foodservice operations and c-stores to focus on developing a coffee program that elevates their speed of service, cuts down on labor and waste costs throughout the day, and consistently serves only the freshest coffee for their customers. That’s where our newest innovation comes in.

Introducing the Curtis Genesis Skyline, our most groundbreaking commercial coffee machine to date. The Curtis Genesis Skyline helps you make the most of your business’s coffee program by fully automating your coffee output based on peak and low demands throughout the day. This dramatically cuts down on waste and labor concerns, while elevating your speed of service and guaranteeing you provide consistent, high-quality beverages for your customers all day, every day.

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Redefining Commercial Coffee: Automated Coffee Programs that Maximize Speed and Minimize Waste

Designed for high-volume environments and drive-thrus, the Curtis Genesis Skyline is the first commercial coffee machine of its kind with the ability to automate output based on demand. The Curtis Genesis Skyline makes use of a new innovative technology that utilizes not only bean-to-cup production, but also bean-to-urn coffee output. Our new bean-to-urn innovation heightens brews straight from whole beans directly into a holding urn during peak times. This greatly increases speed of service capabilities and maximizes coffee volume, while the machine’s programming drastically cuts down on your waste costs.

How? The machine’s programming is based on peak and low demands - programmed for specified times of the day and week; it provides simpler operations. During peak times, the machine brews large batches straight from whole beans and maintain different amounts of coffee in the urn - storing the urn at 25, 50, 75 or 100% full. So, you can always meet your customers’ demands, no matter how many guests walk through your door or come through your drive-thru.

Once demand has waned, the Genesis Skyline programming switches seamlessly into bean-to-cup mode: making a fresh coffee by the cup only when it is ordered – minimizing waste. Additionally, daily cleaning of the machine is fully automated via calendar programming, without any user intervention for 30 days.


Key Features

Urn Mode

Takes automation to a new level by automatically filling the urn to predefined levels that match your sales volume. In addition to filling the urn to match cup sales, coffee freshness is also maintained through continual monitoring of brewed coffee quality. If your desired hold time is reached, coffee is automatically discarded and brewed fresh.

Bean-to-Cup Mode

Ensures coffee quality is always at the forefront and that coffee is made fresh - by the cup - during slower dayparts. Not only does this ensure top quality, but it helps ensure healthy margins by significantly reducing waste.

Maximum Speed

Serves customers quickly and efficiently – allowing operators to serve the freshest coffee (10 seconds to dispense a 16 oz cup from urn, 40 seconds to dispense a 16 oz in bean-to-cup mode).

Space Saving

Operational footprint, less than 13-inches wide.

Self-service or Operator Modes

Makes the most of the 10 inch display, and the user interface can be toggled between different use cases. For self-serve, engaging graphics and large touch targets allow customers to quickly personalize their coffee. When using Genesis Skyline behind the counter, operator mode presents on screen visuals focused on simplicity and speed of service, allowing staff to keep their focus on guest service.

Three Alternate Language Modes

Modes available for self-service simultaneously allow Genesis Skyline to be accessible to a large audience.

AutoSetup Technology

Simplifies installation while making chainwide rollouts highly consistent at each store. The machine automatically calibrates both the grind and coffee amount during the installation process, ensuring your coffee is brewed properly from day one. All major components are controlled through the touchscreen allowing the installer to complete the installation with minimal tools and less time on site. Auto Clean technology cleans all interior components once per day with no staff interaction for 30 days.


Allows operators to execute a top-notch coffee program, making it easier to manage and gain insights on your program’s performance. Gain richer insights by seeing exactly what coffees your consumers are drinking - when and where. Far more accurate than a POS system or purchasing reports, this data comes straight from the machine and is a powerful category management tool. In addition to sales metrics, operational insights are also easy to review. Quickly identify how often coffee beans should be refilled, when was a machine cleaned or even use sales data to forecast preventative maintenance, and more.

Elevate your Coffee Program with the Curtis Genesis Skyline

The sky’s the limit when it comes to how high the Genesis Skyline can take your coffee program

With the option to use this machine in operator mode or even as a self-service machine, the Curtis Genesis Skyline provides your operation with immense versatility and control over your beverage program. This new machine takes the guess work out of your coffee program - helping you maximize on profits, reduce your waste and labor input, radically increase your speed of service, and keep your happy customers coming back for more.

If you’re looking for the best commercial coffee machine for your restaurant or convenience store, you’ve found it. Ready to take the leap? Reach out to a representative today.

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