Freshness down to a science. It's about time

Curtis Alpha G3 Brewing Systems with FreshTrac™ technology take the guesswork out of serving a fresh, gourmet cup of coffee.

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Snapping right onto the decanter bowl of any Curtis decanter. Compatible with any FreshTrac™-enabled Curtis Alpha Brewing system, it can be set to activate by radio frequency anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours using Curtis G3 Technology.

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Time Takes Its Toll on Coffee

Age is coffee's enemy. But FreshTrac™ monitors freshness from the moment of brewing and alerts the operator when a new brew is needed. Try a steaming hot cup of Curtis innovation.

Silence is Golden

Foodservice operations can be a riot of buzzes and beeps. But FreshTrac™ uses a silent visual alarm to notify when coffee's past its prime. Much more effective.

FreshTrac™ Remembers

No need to worry about forgetting to start FreshTrac™. It remembers for you, resetting itself automatically with every brewing cycle. That's smart engineering.

Only on Alpha G3 Brewers

FreshTrac™ is only available on Curtis Alpha G3 Brewers, which offer greater precision, more advanced control, quality-enhancing features and profit potential than other brewers on the market.

The ALPHA® Brewing System with FreshTrac.® Because theres no such thing as to fresh. Learn more...