Thermal FreshTrac coffee dispensers use a lid that has a combination gauge containing three indicators

Liquid Level   Coffee Quality Timer   Active LED Light Display
Through sensors in the lid, the system is activated and volume measured the moment coffee starts flowing into the thermal dispenser. At this time, the two indicator lights flash green-red-green and the numeric timer starts counting down. This active LED display allows servers to track coffee freshness to show operations when it’s time to brew again.
Sensors within the lid also measure the coffee as it fills the dispenser. The number of “bars” in the liquid level gauge will increase as the volume increases, reaching a maximum of six. This eliminates the need to guess the amount of batch brew coffee in the thermal dispenser at any time.
How Freshtrac Thermal Dispenser Works


Consistency, Quality, and Unmatched Thermal Efficiency
Three sizes to fit any operation
Brew a little. Brew a lot.
Brew-Thru Design
Simplifies use, helps maintain batch brew flavor and temperature.
Enables you to easily check coffee quality – even from across the room.
Stand Alone Operation
Designed to fit existing models of Curtis Thermal Servers.
Universal Fit
Requires no connection with the brewing system.
Engineered for Durability
Built for tough foodservice environments with 50% thicker stainless steel outer wall.
Rear-facing display options
Allows for quick, behind the counter monitoring of coffee freshness.
Always Serve Fresh Coffee
Keeps coffee programs on track.

Keep Track of Freshness

from across the room


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